1. Chronic pain

The most common type of chronic pain is neuropathic pain involving nerves, mucle shortening, fascia tightness, and degenerative joint pain.

Chronic pain is a big challenge to Western and Eastern medicine healers. It usually lasts for years and hangs around all the time all year round. It can affect many daily activities and sometimes seriously affect the quality of life, including sleep.

One of the best treatments for neuropathic pain is IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) through supression of painful stimuli and the relation of muscle, thereby shutting off the viscious cycle of chronic pain. The technique involves the insertion of very thin needles into the muscles. The success depends a lot on the skill of the IMS practitioner

2. Recurrent Pain

A patient says he/she has a lot of pain for a week or so. Upon questioning, this pain has happened few times before. This is recurrent pain, not exactly as chronic pain since it only happens occasionally. This can be treated with:

  • Interferential current, mobilization thrust, trigger point stimulation, local spine re-alignment, cupping, massage, strengthening exercises.
  • Manual traction, IMS, actupuncture, ultrasound, localized stretching, laser, kinesiology taping, fascia release.

2. Acute pain and subacute pain

Acute pain may be presented with acute swelling, increased temperature and inability to move the injured part. Subacute pain is when temperature subsides to same as the rest of body. Swelling may be gone at this stage. Treatments may be selected as from the recurrent pain management.

4. Posture

This may not be the reason you come in to see us. Many people have overlooked this as it can be an underlying casue for the frequent recurrence of their problems. The poor posture makes them more prone to injuries and recurrent problems.

Common poor posture is forward head posture scoliosis, increased kyphosis and lordosis. Majority of these problems stem from computer work, cell phone and muscle shortening leading to neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, headache, feet pain, etc.

We have an International Posture GRID Board measurement for the measurement of your posture where you can see the misalignment of your body deviation from a normal good posture. A structural program is provided to correct your posture, and you can see the changes after a month. You shall find yourself standing straighter, more self-confident, increased lung expansion and healthier.

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