Our Services

We provide several types of treatment services to make the most positive impacts for your lifestyle.

We are a multi-disciplinary centre for the treatment of pain and sports injuries. Stressed? Tight muscles? Our clinic offers effective physical therapy treatments with emphasis on pain relief, exercise, and education. No gimmicks. No big words. No jargons. We will make you better. After all, relief of pain is what is most important to you.

Our services are based on your needs.

You may want to fix your neck pain, your painful back while driving, your shoulder pain at night, your insomnia, or headache. Our services all start off with a clinical diagnosis.

We are interested in listening in details all the things you can tell us about your pain, when, where, how? We shall also ask few leading questions. We would be happy to read your X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI results. We then perform a detailed professional clinical assessment to arrive at a clinical diagnosis of your problems.

IMSBest for chronic pain
PhysiotherapyInterferential current - best for subacute pain
Manual therapy
Traction - best for bone spur, disc protrusion
Gym - strengthening
AcupunctureTraditional Chinese Medicine for pain, weight reduction, cold hands and feet, kidney/body weakness, etc.
Non-needle acupucture - no needle pain or fear
MassageNeck, back, shoulder
Soft tissue pain
Sports medicineSports-related injuries
PostureCorrection for scoliosis, kyphosis (hump). flat feet, foot pain
OrthoticsBack support
Feet arch support
Knees, wrist support
Clinical CounsellingICBC - nightmare after car accident, fear of driving, stress, anxiety