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We provide several types of treatment services to make the most positive impacts for your lifestyle.

Physiotherapy Treatment


Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine dedicated to the treatment of illness or injury of soft tissues, joints, and nerves using physical methods rather than by drugs or surgery. Physiotherapy can restore movement and function by working with your body to locate and correct movement patterns.

On your initial visit, you can expect your physiotherapist to ask about your medical history, your symptoms, how your injury occurred, and any relevant information such as work environment, exercise habits, overall health, and any previous injuries that you may have had to make a diagnosis. Our experienced team of physiotherapists will make sure you are progressing with the highest level of care and attention that you deserve. Manual diagnostic methods are required to determine underlying causes of pain to be able to select the best recovery plan.

Assessing specific sport movement patterns, gait, movement control and weakness in key muscle groups are just a few methods that physiotherapists use to pick up warning signs of potential injuries. Identifying these problems ensures that interventions can be directed to the client’s needs, so they can do what they love for longer, without injury. Physiotherapy is also an important part of the rehabilitation process by providing techniques to assist with strengthening muscle weakness and range of movement. We provide education for simple exercise programs you can do at home to help continue to remedy the pain and accelerate recovery.

Intramuscular Stimulation (also known as IMS or Dry Needling)

intramuscular stimulation

IMS is an effective treatment approach for neuropathic myofascial pain syndromes (pain which originates from the nerves). It is a technique developed and refined by Dr. Chan Gunn, and has won numerous awards and has been internationally praised for it's effectiveness, especially in dealing with chronic pain. It's basis is to treat chronically shortened muscles by desensitizing the muscle with dry needling treatments.

Neuropathic pain can be classified as very sensitive pain. Past patients have had very positive impacts from IMS treatments, provided by our highly experienced IMS practitioners with advanced knowledge in anatomy and bodily function. We use this technique to compliment our other treatment methods to enhance injury recovery and pain relief.

Triggered Point Injection

intramuscular stimulation

Triggered Point Injections are injections at trigger points of the affected myofascial soft tissues with a very small amount of dextrose, lidocaine, or steroid-composition liquid. It has analogous effect and a relaxation effect on soft tissues — this is especially good for chronic pain. It is different from acupuncture and IMS which is dry needling with no liquid injection.

However, the needles used are thicker and can cause some discomfort during the needling procedure.

Sports Medicine

sports medicine

Do you compete or train in crossfit, lifting, or high endurance running? Sports injuries are not just limited to olympic and professional athletes. Playing hockey, basketball, or baseball? Anyone who injuries themselves while playing sports or sports training needs physiotherapy treatment.

Strains and sprains often happen unexpectedly, and can range from mild to severe. Strains are caused by excessive force occurring on a muscle, and sprains on ligaments.

We provide treatment to injury aimed at the muscle group, cartilage, or joint in the body. We are specialists in analyzing movement and promoting functional rehabilitation. Whether the pain is focused in the knee, wrist, shoulders, back, combination of areas, or anywhere else, you can count on us to give you the best possible treatment.

Traditional Acupuncture

traditional acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of traditional Chinese medicine's (TCM) modalities. It is a holistic healthcare system based on ancient principles on anatomy, treatment, and health. The overall aim is to promote the body's equilibrium by focusing on the body's natural corrective abilities.

Our medical practioners trained in traditional acupuncture will examine our patient's health history, lifestyle, and areas of concern. Acupuncture is particularly effective at restoring energy flow along meridians of the body. Acupuncture is typically not painful in most body points, but may cause soreness in the treated region.

It can also be used to reduce stress on trigger points to induce relaxation of muscles

Massage Therapy

massage therapy

Massage therapy can be used to treat pain in the neck, shoulder, and back as well as repetitive stress injuries. It can lower anxiety and depression, as well as ease tension and headaches. Our massage therapy providers are experts with knowledge on promoting relaxation and hastening recovery.

Massage therapy can be applied in corrective and rehabilitative stages of therapy to enhance healing and reduce muscle soreness. Massage therapy is particularly effective when combined with other forms of treatment such as manual techniques, IMS, and targetted stretching exercises.

Manual Therapy

manual therapy

Manual therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic approach which has evolved from knowledge of physiotherapy, massage therapy, and osteopathy. Many patients expect to receive heat and ultrasound treatment, but our therapists also combine this with manual manipulation and mobilization to yield long lasting results in both simple and acute conditions.

We approach manual therapy looking at the body as a whole to address nutritional, emotional, and mental factors that may also contribute to dysfunctions. Then we further assess the underlying causes which could involve bones, your spine, discs, muscles, soft tissues, and more.

Posture Correction

posture correction

Our bodies are not designed to sit for extended periods of time, especially due to computer usage involved in practically all modern professions. As a result, many people experience neck and back soreness, shoulder stiffness, and even headaches. Improving posture can help prevent the negative body's responses associated with the poor posture. Our physiotherapists use techniques that can assist in improving both standing and sitting postures for enhanced enjoyment of life. Your standing posture and walking gait pattern can give important clues to our experienced physiotherapists to correct your chronic neck, back, hip, and shoulder pains.

Return To Work Conditioning Programs

return to work conditioning programs

Once you no longer feel pain of an injury, it is easy to assume that the problem has been fixed. However, being strong, stable, and flexible is very important to ensure that the injury symptoms do not resurface. Our occupational therapists combine knowledge of your environmental ergonomics at home, and especially at work, along with your lifestyle activities to create a plan to that will make the symptoms gone forever. It is important for our patients to follow these work conditioning programs to make a fully rehabilitate and resume normal everyday functions. We have equipment necessary to facilitate these programs, and we also assign targetted exercises for your full recovery

Orthotics and Braces

orthotics brace

Orthotics deals with the use of artificial devices brace, support, or correct regular movement. Typically most effort involves accommodating the foot, which contains 26 bones, many joints, and even more separate muscles. Our physiotherapists are qualified to fit our patients with orthotics.