ICBC Injury Claims Information

Information for patients injured during a Motor Vehicle Accident


Early rehabilitation and intervention not only reduce painful sensations – they are key to a successful recovery.

Even if your doctor prescribes pain medication, seeking out a physiotherapist will help with the healing process. Our caring and highly experienced therapists and staff are here to help. Whether you have suffered neck and back injuries, such as whiplash, or soft tissue injuries, such as muscle and ligament sprains from your Motor Vehicle Accident, early physiotherapy treatment is pivotal to reducing pain and accelerating the recovery process. Our therapists will work to provide stability to your body and movement with specifically designed treatments for your injury.

How do I get an ICBC Claim Number?

If you have been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident, you may need to make a personal injury claim with ICBC.

You can report your claim online or by phone. You may wish to follow the steps for an injury claim covered here.

How many physiotherapy or acupuncture treatments does ICBC cover?

ICBC covers 25 treatments initially.

What if I require extended treatment?

Once you have almost finished the maximum number of 25 treatments, and you are not fully healed, we shall apply to ICBC for an extension. You do not have to do anything. Sometimes, it is faster to obtain the extension approval if you see your doctor for an extension request.

Do I need a doctor's referral to start treatment?

You do not require a doctor's referral to start treatment, but it is advisable to see a doctor after your accident.

How much will each physiotherapy or acupuncture session cost?

You do not have to pay any treatment fee for injuries sustained in BC.

Can I start treatment before my ICBC claim is approved?

Yes, and it is advisable to begin immediately if you feel the onset of pain as recovery time can be significantly reduced with earlier treatment.

What will I need to bring?

To setup ICBC treatment, we will require:

  • Your ICBC claim number
  • Your ICBC adjuster's name and phone number
  • Your Care Card Number
  • Your doctor’s referral, if obtained

If I have been seeking treatment elsewhere, can I still come for treatment here?

You are warmly welcome to come for treatment at our clinic. We wwill contact your ICBC adjuster to confirm your ICBC claim, and the number of treatments will be the balance remaining from your previous physiotherapy provider.

How do I know beforehand, whether or not my injury claim will be approved?

Physiotherapy is considered a compulsary benefit if you have insurance, or if medical treatment is necessary. The best way is to obtain written proof from your doctor confirming the need for treatment due to your Motor Vehicle Accident. While we cannot guarantee that each claim will be approved, it will be extremely rare for the claim not to be approved if the need for treatment is rational.

My Motor Vehicle Accident was several months ago, and I felt that I should have begun treatment sooner. Can I still receive treatment?

For claims 60 days over the date of the Motor Vehicle Accident, you will need to obtain a new doctor's referral, and we shall submit your claim to your ICBC adjuster fir approval.

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