WorkSafeBC Claims Information

Information for patients injured during a workplace incident


Early rehabilitation and intervention not only reduce painful sensations – they are key to a successful recovery.

It can be stressful from being injured at work – we will help you return to work quickly with our highly experienced care and return to work conditioning programs.

Some of the most commonly cases we see are from improper lifting, overexertion from lifting heavy objects, injuries as a result of slipping or tripping, repetitive motion injuries, as well as injuries as a result of falling objects. Our therapists will perform an assessment and be able to come with a treatment plan. Our treatment goal is to reduce pain for sensitive muscles and tissues and restoring full physical movement.

How do I get a WSBC Claim Number?

If you have been injured in a workplace incident, you should first report the injury to your employer or WorkSafeBC.

You can report your claim by phone, 1-888-967-5377; or your employer will submit a report. You may wish to follow the steps for an injury claim covered here.

How many treatments does WSBC cover?

An approved WSBC claim is eligible for 22 physiotherapy treatment sessions.

What if I still require treatment after the 22 treatments?

You will be required to obtain a new doctor's referral for an extension of your WSBC injury claim, and we will then submit a physiotherapy extension request for additional treatments.

How much will each physiotherapy or acupuncture session cost?

Under a WorkSafeBC approved claim, there is no charge. WorkSafeBC covers all costs from a work-related injury. Before your claim is approved, you will be required to pay a $50 deposit fee for each treatment until the claim has been approved. Once your WorkSafeBC claim is approved, we will refund the accumulated amount back to you.

How long will it take for WSBC to approve my claim for physiotherapy treatment?

Typically, it takes up to 10 days from the date that the injury report is made, but in some cases may take longer.

What will I need to bring?

To setup WSBC treatment, we will require:

  • Your WSBC claim number
  • Your Care Card Number
  • Your doctor’s referral, if obtained

For additional information: