Strengthening your bones and fighting back


Strengthening your bones and fighting back
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Osteoporosis is a very common condition found in people over 50 years old, especially in women who have had menopause. It has a layman term known as “porous bone”.

Osteoporosis causes holes in your bone so they are less dense and which becomes brittle and may break easily even on bending or falling.

The common areas where fractures can occur are the spine, hip or forearm. That is why there is a saying that elderly people must not fall.

It is recommended to see a doctor to check for osteoporosis if:

  • you have finished menopause,
  • your posture is stooping,
  • you have back, hip, or forearm pain,
  • you have had corticosteroids for several months,
  • or either your parents had hip fractures.
Ways to Mitigate Osteoporosis
  • Diet

    Food such as chia seeds added to yogurts, nuts, soy products such as tofu, dark green leafy vegetables, dairy food, fish.

    chia and yogurtdairybak choinuts
  • Sunlight

    Natural Vitamin D or Vitamin D 600 IU a day.

    Sunlight vitamin D
  • Exercises

    Weight-bearing exercises build strong bones and slow bone loss.

    Balance exercises to minimize falling.

        a) Place one foot ahead of the other and rock on your toes and heels. After half a minute, switch feet positions and rock half a minute.
        b) Feet slightly apart, lean body sideways and swing left to right, right to left.
  • Exercises good for people over 55 are those such as walking, jogging (good for spine and hips), and wall push up exercises (good for forearm and shoulder bones).

    Swimming is sometimes recommended.

    WalkingRunningElderly walking

    Consult a physiotherapist if you are in doubt of which exercises are good or harmful because each person may have other joint problems commonly in his knees, hips or ankles. A one session consultation can benefit him with a customized SAFE home program to keep away from fractures and osteoporosis.

    Food That Can Worsen Osteoporosis
    • Salt
    • Beer
    • Coffee
    • Salted meats
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